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Thoughts on Roswell June 14, 2011

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In the grand scheme of things, why is it important for the government to keep an alien spaceship under wraps? The world is divided by believers and non-believers, but what makes one group believe and one group not? The few people who saw the crash, the few people who saw the debris, and the few people who actually had access to the craft itself — all were discredited in one fashion or another and yet some still believe. Is it an ingrained distrust of the government? Or did the distrust for government come after Roswell? And if it came afterwards, what did the government gain?

In the grand scheme of things, why did it matter? So aliens came to our planet. Not only came here but crash landed here. Did the government believe the population would be so disturbed by this event that it needed to be covered up with so much crap that even governmental officials didn’t know what to think? Had the government been more open about the event, how would that have changed the world? How different would the world be today?

The world at large has long looked for signs of extraterrestrial life…some indication we are not alone and that there is a way of life outside our own. When that extraterrestrial life appeared before us we…denied its existence? That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. I understand keeping information from people to protect them–this is a concept I grasp easily. I’m a mom and I don’t tell my kids everything. But, I suppose I struggle to understand the harm in knowing about the very life we all search for.

In a way, I’m glad I wasn’t around in 1947 to become consumed with this debacle. To have hope, to have that hope crushed, to have my entire life and reputation crushed. But how long should we sit back with a shrug and let it go? Where is our evolution? Where is our human growth? Are we never going to have intergalactic travel? We should be there already. Does the delay have anything to do with governmental fear? Are we more afraid than we are curious?

Where has our cowboy spirit gone? Pony up people.



Too Well Loved to Ever be Forgotten April 30, 2011

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Today, a journey to Roselawn Cemetery — maybe it is weird to rest in a cemetery if you do not have a damn good reason for resting. Namely, death. But perhaps Rest In Peace isn’t solely applicable to those frolicking in the hereafter…I have never heard anyone say one way or the other. I imagine it could be depressing to move aimlessly through countless rows of headstones, name plates, and white stone angels, but as long as I steer clear of the nursery area of the cemetery, I am fine. I thought to go alone, to rest and find some peace against all the noise and chaotic activity that defines my every-day life, but in the end I took my nephew along with me. Don’t worry, he’s 17-years old and hardly scarred from the outing.

I found this headstone first, the one someone took special care to engrave ‘Too Well Loved to Ever be Forgotten’ and I stopped to stare at the words, wondering what kind of person would never be forgotten. Not ever. Then, moving on, I decided that even if I am completely forgettable, I want that very phrase on my headstone *mental note to revise burial form*.

We ambled about, searching as we went, looking specifically for one particular headstone. It was a plain one, I remembered, but it had been twelve months exactly since my previous trip to this cemetery and I wasn’t sure exactly where it was located. The cemetery isn’t a large one but is spread out and covered nearly gate-to-gate with World War I, World War II and Vietnam veterans, husbands and wives, and that baby area I skirt. So finding the one headstone took nearly an hour and a half. While still looking, we stumbled upon one that sent my nephew and I on a course of contemplation.

Iva succeeded her husband in death some 22 years later. We stood looking at this one, wondering about Iva in those 22 years. She and John were born in the early 1900’s…a time when marriage and til-death-do-us-part and never remarry, meant something. But, supposing Iva had a jovial, loving spirit and found herself madly in love with someone at say, 85-years old (maybe they met on one of those Carnival Cruises), and married. Is she really buried here with John? Or is she buried on another plot with the husband she had upon death? How do these things work out when you pre-plan, buy the plot of land, buy the plot marker, have names and dates and ‘beloveds’ engraved…when one half of that whole, marries someone else? We contemplated this for a bit before moving on.

One headstone had Psalm 103:17 engraved on it, since there lacked enough space to engrave the entire message (that or it’s fairly pricey) and so I googled the scripture: “but the mercy of the LORD [is] from everlasting to everlasting upon them that fear him, and his righteousness unto children’s children”. Interesting choice.

We found some interesting markers:

Daughters of the Republic of Texas, which still has a branch today (http://www.drtinfo.org/)


Nothing in Hell Could Stop Us

There are many more of interest and I did stumble upon this child’s monument where it was nestled between the pre-planned plots of his parents: 

and this, which I found strangely creepy…

But for the most part, the cemetery was serene. We sat by the pond and discussed the possibilities of reincarnation (though I know so many people who are rabidly disinclined to accept its possibility) and wondered, again, where the one headstone was. We found Bill Utter Sr., the longtime owner of Utter Ford in Denton, and a nice Scottish or Irish gentleman with the surname McLaughlin, which my nephew insisted was pronounced mc”laugh”lin. *sigh* Also found this interesting monument of Jesus:

and I took a snapshot of my nephew, contemplating the day…

After a good hour and a half, though, we finally found what I was looking for.

Dear Grandmother, who was like a really mean mom to me, I miss you.