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The Smell of Grass June 1, 2011

Posted by sarahsfate in My Own Personal Trials, PostADay2011.
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When I was a little girl I used to sit outside in my grandmother’s yard while she talked to me of things of old and I’d lose myself in the smell of grass. I spent hours lying on my back in the grass, staring up at the blue sky and lazily drifting puff clouds, daydreaming and losing myself in the smell of grass.

What is it about the tangy scent of a freshly mowed lawn to capture the senses? Those thin blades are so vibrant, so green, and testify by their very existence the continuity of life. Even if that life is nature. How long has grass existed on Earth? Longer than I have. Longer than any of us have. And still its here. You may not see it in the city where people have chosen to live sans landscape, but in the country the grass grows wild in a haven of unencumbered life. It’s unrestrained, undemanding and, if left alone, will branch out in an untethered blanket of billowing green.

It’s beautiful. I love driving through the country with my windows down so I can inhale the crisp scent…there is nothing else like it. And while I love the smell intensely and might wonder (for the smallest of moments) why it remains unbottled…I suppose I would rather smell perfume on my skin…perhaps Noir, which I find desperately lovely, rather than ode de grass.

But…it’s a thought.



1. Derick - June 4, 2011

hey sarah I was wondering if I could use the pic of the grass for a web site (for my lawn care business) or if it is owned by someone and not for my use. just let me know! Thank you and I appreciate it!

sarahsfate - June 4, 2011

Hi Derick…I actually pulled the pic off of google.com/images but I did not see anything noting owner’s rights so it should be okay to use…

2. Derick - June 4, 2011

ps… I liked the story btw

3. Greater West – Professional Lawn Mowing for your Yard | 4 Real Cheap - June 12, 2011

[…] The Smell of Grass […]

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