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I Chew The Same Gum… May 26, 2011

Posted by sarahsfate in My Own Personal Trials, PostADay2011.
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I chew the same gum and I don’t mean I keep a pack of gum in my purse to indulge in when the mood strikes. I chew the same gum a minimum of four times a day. Like an addict. It began with a need to keep myself distracted from sitting all day in one place when I started working again after a four-month layoff. Then it became a ‘wait, my jaw isn’t moving’ movement. Today, one year after beginning to work again, I buy three-packs of this gum at a time, keep one in my car, one in my purse, one in my desk. When someone asks if they can have a piece I have to restrain the snarl that leaps to my lips. MINE! 

So. It seems like a small problem…is it a problem? On the outside you wouldn’t think so but since I do chew at least four pieces a day, every single day, for over a year now…if it was Vodka, it’d be considered a problem. You’d think I’d be bored with it by now and eager to try a different flavor, a random brand of something on the shelf. I’ve tried. When I reach for some random brightly colored package of gum on the convenient store shelf, my hand knee-jerks over and to the right, where my gum always seems to be.

All that being said, I have to fight this sweet, cool, minty love of mine — if for no other reason than to claim I can break away from it. The plan, my friends? To try other gums. All other gums. I’ll have to report back my findings because there are 25 different brands of gum (according to the ever reliable yahooanswers.com (http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080324152228AApBjVH) and there are multiple different kinds of gum for each brand. I’ll have to figure out exactly how many different kinds.

Stay tuned for day #1 tomorrow.



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