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The Color of Rain May 10, 2011

Posted by sarahsfate in My Own Personal Trials, PostADay2011.
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I’m sitting on my  back porch, listening to the fall of a thousand little rain drops. I know they’re small because the sound they make can best be described as a pitter patter as opposed to the blop plop made by fat rain. Over the course of the last four weeks I’ve watched my yard become a bright green paradise of natural foliage. Neon green vines with wide leaves have wrapped themselves around my fence as if to say ‘i own this’ and I don’t want to fight so I let them be. I haven’t raked the erstwhile dead leaves in my yard as of yet but the wind has pushed them securely to the edge of the fence so they sit in piles of burnt brown and mauve at the edge of the green vines.  My yard is fueled by wind and rain. The numerous trees dotting the land have sprawled their branches as near to the center of the yard as they can, desperate to receive the most light, the most rain, the most wonder. And, as green is my favorite color, I stare in wonder at it all.

From the safety of my covered patio, that is, because it is raining again. I love the sound of rain. I bought a homedics spa alarm clock, which provides rain storm, waterfall, crickets, forest, and ocean wave sounds for waking purposes…not that any of those wake me up. Usually I just turn the sound on to soothe myself.

I was thinking today about all the noise that surrounds me all day, every day, beginning with the annoying alarm on my cell phone. The sound of running water while I wash my face, brush my teeth, make my coffee…the gurgling whisper of my coffee maker brewing. The radio in my car as I listen to NPR.org on my way to work…nevermind the honking and whoosh of tires as cars pass. At work it’s the other people around me talking, the sound of high heels on the tile floor, the phone ringing, and oh so many other things. I could go on all day about sounds. But sitting out here on my porch I hear only the sound of tap tap tapping on my laptop and the rain falling.

Other than the laptop, I think this must have been what it was like before technology transported us all into the noisy-est existence possible. Are we ever afforded the nice solitude of silence? I don’t mind the rain. It’s nature, a thing that has occurred for as long as water has been around to swoop up into a cloud. The sound of rain, surrounded by no other sound, transports me back in time and for a minute…for the smallest of minutes…I exist in the first American settlement surrounded by tall weeds of grass and lonely willow trees. I imagine the wind rustling through my long hair, lifting it from my back, allowing the sunlight to drape across my shoulder…just so. Perhaps I can hear a frog, or a bird, or the neigh of a horse.

I imagine so many other things about what life must have been like when we weren’t surrounded by a constant cacophony. I imagine it was easier to think and perhaps the reason why new inventions have fallen on hard times is because we can’t think. Too much noise. Too much activity. Too much entertainment. Just…too much.

My thoughts are cut short by the entrance of my daughter asking about dinner so I sigh. Inside, I know, the television is on too loud and I won’t be able to think any more. Won’t be able to imagine any more. And will soon forget the color of rain.



1. thepetalpusher - May 10, 2011

very well-written–nice post

2. sarahsfate - May 10, 2011

Thank you 🙂

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