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Drinking with Friends April 26, 2011

Posted by sarahsfate in PostADay2011, Thoughts on People.
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I find it interesting that a friend’s solution, to your heartache and misery, to be a bar and limitless rounds of alcohol. If, when, your girlfriend dumps you, she goes from ‘cool chic’ to ‘absolute bitch’ in a late-night drunken ceremony of verbal bashing. The same is true for girls who find themselves dumped. Friends all say the same thing — you’re too good for him anyway, she was trying to change you anyway — and they slap you on the back, make ribald jokes, and ply you with more alcohol. Because the more you drink, the more plausible their claims sound. You can forget for a few hours, and feel better.

Bars are places of ceremony — if you get engaged, if you get divorced, if you have a baby (for the male counterpart anyway), if you land a great job, etc. Why is that? I suppose it doesn’t matter why. It just is. I wonder if friends pause before suggesting a comforting drink to a breakup victim, a pause long enough to consider if the victim is an angry drunk, a melancholic drunk, or a happy partier. I’ve experienced my fair share of all three. Because what is the point of going to the bar if the victim will end up sobbing all over the table or wind up in a bar fight? A bar fight you’ll undoubtedly have to join.

And those irksome and pathetic drunken text we all send? What a bad time to reiterate desperate devotion. And while I understand the positive aspects of a rebound, I would not want to rebound while drunk in a bar. We all know how that turns out.

So…out of curiosity, I did some research on this phenomenon and found, that while today there are over 80 thousand bars in this country, the first bar (referred to as a Public House “Pub”) was established in the mid 900’s, a time when patrons drank to forget bloody battles and sheep raids. I wonder what kind of boyfriend/girlfriend troubles existed for them. I imagine, easily, that the same bar behaviorisms we witness today also existed then — back slapping, ribald jokes, and a bounty of ale.

Maybe times don’t change.

If you’re interested…here’s a website listing the 10 oldest bars in America…http://www.sloshspot.com/blog/06-02-2008/the-10-oldest-bars-in-the-united-states-16 …none, unfortunately, in Texas.



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