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Life’s Stages April 20, 2011

Posted by sarahsfate in My Own Personal Trials, PostADay2011.

I know life comes in stages. We hear about these stages our whole lives. Childhood, teenage years, adulthood, wedding, babies, when the kids finally go to school, when they graduate, when you retire, when you die. I’ve been sitting here thinking about this…and pretty sure those are the stages everyone talks about.

Notice the rather large gap between when your kids graduate and when you retire. I’m not retiring at 45. Would love to, but no. So what stages of life fall between the graduation (and subsequent moving out) of our kids………………and retirement?

My son, my youngest, will graduate high school and go off to college when I am 45-years old. I will then have (presumably) no children at home. I’ll have a job (if I’m lucky) and a home. Maybe a dog. All the time I currently spend going to school affairs and whatnot for my kids…will cease to exist. It will be me having to find entertainment for me.

But entertainment isn’t my point here. My point is…what stage is this? What do we call it? The Great Void? The Great You? — What?



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