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Faces April 19, 2011

Posted by sarahsfate in PostADay2011, Thoughts on People.

I wonder how many of us wake in the morning already dreading the day. A tenth of us? Half? More? For the sake of conversation, we will say half of us wake in this manner. That means if you are on an elevator with five people, three of you are unhappy. While standing in a line of ten people, you are thinking about which sandwich to order and five people standing beside you are thinking about their cancer, or layoff, or divorce. Do you, as you stand with others, consider ‘they’ feel as you do? Respite. Confident. Lucky, even. Do you look at their faces? See into their eyes to what lurks there?

I think, for the most part, we are observant. We notice things like weather, green trees, a jackhammer. Things. Do we notice people? That when we are stuck in traffic, there are literally hundreds of people stuck with us. Hundreds. Do we look to the left and right to see their faces? Do we ever look, really look, at their faces? Would we recognize them if we looked? What would we see? Sadness. Laughter. Anger.

Perhaps we are too many. Perhaps, if we were fewer. Because, in the new Star Trek movie, wasn’t it the elder Spock who told the younger Spock “there are so few Vulcans left…we cannot afford to ignore each other…”?



1. ALove - April 19, 2011

Love it! … and so true!

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