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Blackened Curse March 5, 2011

Posted by sarahsfate in My Own Personal Trials.

It isn’t impossible, you say. What blackened curse rides low on the wind like a cancerous vapor you cannot catch or forestall? It breathes air, it breathes air, it breathes fire…inflaming all who stand tall against it. What think you? That you, a pitiful hapless human, just a small girl in a war meant for gods, could stand against the curse? hahahahahahahaa

No, it cannot be done. The end of this war is as inevitable as every independent war fought between the man and the curse. You think because you know love and have a passion for love, that your white light can bear against the darkness but you are wrong. So very wrong. He will come to you on the wind and take your gloved fingers between his own, luring you into a depths the like you’ve never known. And he will destroy you. You look at him as though you can see him, see into his soul as though any such soul exists. But you do not know him at all.

If it breaks you and tears you down, til you hover weepingly on frozen ground, will you stand tall then? Will you climb, ever so brokenly, back to your feet, turn your tear-stained cheeks to the curse and howl back at the wind? Will you? Or will it defeat you this time? I do not know why I even pose the question little girl because I already know how this will end. You will stand against him, with your heart held out in defense against the rage he will bring upon you, and it will wither you.

Tomorrow by noontime you will be but blackened remains of this war you fight against him, of this thing you think you can stand up against, of this thing you think you are strong enough to withstand.

But love will never be enough.



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