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U February 5, 2011

Posted by sarahsfate in Poems.
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I can always tell when it’s time to step back

when its not enough just to freeze or retract

like the movement’s not enough to effect that

it must be intended, on purpose, like a skilled trap

you forget in the wild til one day there’s a cruel snap

wakes you up, you scream aloud, and you jump back

but it’s too late, steel teeth bite down on your leg now

it’s a chain, where’s the ball, oh! I see now

but you run with it clanging cause it is attached

to your leg and reminders of the past, now they slap you

in the head, in the back to remind you

of the insincerity, and the lies — oh they curse you

do you run, not to outrun cause that you can’t do

just accept you were wrong, there’s nothing to prove

it’s all lies it’s all past, tell em it’s the old you

but you know, ha ha, yeah you know, they’ll never be through

with a hate and revenge the likes you never knew

but you know, yeah, you know now, it’s attached to you

metal chain, cold steel ball and a trap laid for you

lays you low, so it breaks and tears at your soul

it’s all over now, you can wait, just fucking roll

til the steel grows a virus and steals your whole soul

when it ends, yeah it ends, you’ll be too far gone to know