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Anger in The Shadows September 13, 2010

Posted by sarahsfate in Poems.
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When the night grows still and there’s no one about

when the moon shines it’s light into the shadows of doubt

asking questions, posing answers, just to get it all out

will you answer, will you wonder, will you think it aloud

When the wind whispers by and with it tingling surprise

like the darkness hides the probe of wandering eyes

do they see you, who they are, wherever they lie

do they see what it is in your heart that you hide

When the house creaks and you’re there standing alone

do you wander room to room suppressing a moan,

do you stare into the shadows waiting for the phone

will it ring, who’ll be there, or are you truly alone

When the bed is too big and the silence a tomb

and the kitchen too dark and an empty livingroom

and the driveway is empty and not changing soon

do you wonder, do you question, what’s there for you

When the emptiness is cold, in the darkest of nights

with an unending shadow to block out the lights

and a pain in your soul that smothers your cries

will you stop, will you end it and turn outĀ the lights

When the voices don’t stop, they just circle your mind

and each conversation is replayed with rewind

play out what they said, search for a new find

but find the same, left alone, you’re left behind

When you bellow your anger to no one who’s there

and say what you feel cause there’s no one who’ll care

you rage at the walls with your fist and batter the stairs

but still you’re empty, with a heart that’s laid bareĀ 

When the sun returns after the hours have fled

will you turn to its glow where the warmth is shed

with tears on your pillow, where it lies on your bed

will you lie there waiting, or choose to live instead.