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In the Dark August 21, 2010

Posted by sarahsfate in My Own Personal Trials.

It’s dark out with barely discernible moonlight

that milky haze dances along branches and leaves

pausing in shadow, bowing in oath to midnight

the dance partner whispers warm comfort on the breeze

On top of the bushes, dragonflies hover by

and late night bees visit roses hanging from trees

the white petals flutter a whisper in the night

its gentleness is there only to mock and tease

in echo, my slippered feet tap on the wet grass

running so fast, so lost, so hopeless in the dark

if my breath comes out shallow; a desperate gasp

it’s the fear of the chase though my feet leave no mark

I widen my green eyes, am now desperate to see

in the dark maze I run, there is nothing but green

the mottled sob held silent and trapped inside me

so the sound or the sight or the breath wont be seen

what chases is darkness and he’s light on his feet

like a whisper, or ghost, like a breath on my cheek

he follows, laughing, closer to every heart beat

and I dare not look back, dare not take time to seek

his soulless eyes, o they are dark fathomless eyes

they will seek mine and I’ll be unable to flee

and his lips or his smile or the croon of his lies

no I dare not turn back and see what is to see

but I cannot shut my eyes so I cannot see

no I cannot turn back, though I can barely breathe

cannot stop running, allow darkness to find me

wont believe, in the maze, it is me chasing me.



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