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Saying I Love You August 12, 2010

Posted by sarahsfate in Thoughts on People.

It is hard to know when to tell someone you love them. So many want to be loved — feeling they do not get enough affection — it seems wasteful not to tell someone they are loved. Even if the sentiment is not returned. But it is hard to know when, or if, to tell them.

So much love in the world goes ignored. Shelved. Wasted. We are a society at odds with love — both desirous of it and loathe to admit the desire, as though it is a personal failure to feel such a thing. Is it? Is love truly a weakness, as people say?

The many forms of love abound in my life and are projected like moonbeams from the people I know. We all love someone, though we will not admit. We all have someone whose love we desire in return, though we will not admit.

I tell you I love you and there is a pause in which I am forced to explain my love. You are a friend to me, someone of such import that I would lay down my life for you. I would hug you and kiss your cheek when you go, as though you are family. This is love. There is also someone whom I love whom I refuse to tell, or hug, or kiss his cheek.

Because I do not know how. Or when. Or if.

I am not alone. We continue onward, marching forward in a lonely life unknowing what could have been if we had only been able to say the words that bring both comfort and dread to our souls.

I love you.

I love you.

God, how I love you.



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