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Et tu Brute? August 3, 2010

Posted by sarahsfate in Thoughts on People.

We are, all of us, surrounded by people who will, at any given moment, betray us. Why do they betray us? They tell a lie in order to make us look bad so they are promoted instead of us. They may use us for a sexual release and then not speak to us again. They might have only hung around as long as our money held out.

They have their reasons do they not? Perhaps he needed that promotion more than you did — at the very least, he wanted it more. So much so he was willing to forgo his moralistic upbringing.

Perhaps her heart was broken and she was angry — she used you for sex because it made her feel better to do so. Does it make it right? No, it doesn’t.

And the user of money…perhaps they are afraid of going without. Afraid or loathe to.

It is bad enough having to wade through the mass of users and betrayers in the world around us, without having to keep an eye on the people in our family. You should not have to suspect your sister or brother, or father even.

But sometimes, for some of us, it has happened…the user, the betrayer shares our DNA, perhaps even our face.

You’ve learned, have you not? What the users and betrayers do when presented with a situation?

You have a choice, do you not always have a choice?

You can choose to annihilate your family member, thereby creating a permanent family strain evident at every family get-together.

Or you can prevent the presented situation from recurrence. If they steal from you, don’t allow access to whatever it is they like to steal. If they lie about you, ignore it. If they turn everyone against you…

…look them in the eye (because nothing is worse than meeting your victim’s direct gaze) and say,

et tu, Brute?



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