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Thoughts on Suicide July 29, 2010

Posted by sarahsfate in Thoughts on People.

I had a friend once tell me early on in the friendship that he was an angry sort who spent most of his time wishing for his ‘time’ to come. His ‘time’ was not a one-hit wonder, or winning the lottery, or finding that beautiful woman who would make him happy — it was dying. I did not know him well enough, at the time, to realize how far down the rabbit hole his mind went…but I found out later…

…when we discussed his obsession with death again, two years had passed. I knew him much, much better, but understood him even less…

…he told me he just wanted to end his life and even knowing that suicide was “the pussy” way out, he couldn’t stop thinking about it. I told him I didn’t think suicide was “the pussy” way out — I consider it to be the way out for someone who can see no other way. It’s like a runaway teenager or some other hopeless person who buys a train ticket to anywhere, just to get away. The problem with suicide is that once you get where you’re going…you can never come back.



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