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I’m Gonna Always Be Here July 22, 2010

Posted by sarahsfate in Thoughts on People.

Adults told me, when I was a child, that I needed to ascertain what my purpose in life would be. Would I be an actress? A pilot? The first female president? Would I help the starving in other countries, would I help the pained in this country? What would my purpose be??

I was a small slip of a child — blonde, pale, and willowy. I stared, in wide-eyed seriousness, at the adults placing this task on me…and I wondered.

As though on a mission, I searched ideas at the public library, thought long and hard on the subject, and watched people to determine if I liked their purpose. I struggled to find an answer.

I went to school, enrolled in college, joined organizations, signed up for committees, and donated money to cancer-curing cultures.

But it wasn’t until a month ago, at the age of 31, when I finally figured out what it was. My purpose was one that will never gain me headway in life, it will not (in any determinable way) benefit me in any way.

What’s more, without being aware of it, I have contributed towards my purpose every day of my life.

A month ago, June 2010, I sat with my step-mother and bemoaned the fact that everyone I know tells me their woes. They speak to me of the most indelicate information fit only for cloth-robed priests.

And yet, these people choose me. I would say, over the years, hundreds of people have done so. Friends, family…perfect strangers.

And as I was whining to my step-mom about this, I had an epiphany. This was my purpose. To be there and listen.

And so I ceased my complaining, breathed a heavy sigh, and smiled comfortingly the next time someone laid their head on my shoulder.

I’m here, I’m gonna always be here.



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