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Gentle Flower July 10, 2010

Posted by sarahsfate in Poems.
O’ gentle, gentle seed
left behind so thou would flourish
in a wealth of dreamer’s fodder
and withered weed
with such glory of sunlight
to shine on thee with promise
so thou may grow and prosper
such flourish of soul
such promise
such faith
such goodness
such face
though clouds rolled in
from thence Eastern horizon
with gusts
with pelting rain
o’ with such fury!
neither did thou abandon thy post
nor shy from the gloom
but stood sturdy
stood proudly
stood to endure
o’ gentle, gentle flower
how thou wafts to and fro
gaily — nay! merrily!
o’ I promise, thous’t glows
so fragile, so hardy
so lovingly slow
tho a whisper glides to thee
o’er fields of grass below
still thous’t stands proudly
still thou bares thy soul
gentle footsteps come nearer
o’ great love thou yearn to know
and thou sees him
as he sees thee
o’er yonder
o’er fields
o’er coves
and he drifts nearer to thee
o’ precious, precious thing
with his dark eyes
so bottomless
so penetrating
so cold
he examines thy leaves
o’ how they flutter so
and the pastel kissed petals
of a midsummers rose
such promise
such faith
such flourish of soul
tho thou did not expect
could not
would not
with such innocence, expect
such lack of regard
and I moaned
as thou moaned
as he carried thee off


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